As my interest in yoga grew over the years from “nice way to exercise” to “why do I always feel so calm and centered” I decided last year to start a yoga teacher training. Not that I had any interest in teaching, mostly to learn a bit more about yoga, ecplore a bit more of the spiritual depths and unknown teritories.

Afke was going to Ko Pangan, and being the simple man that I am, I just googled for yoga TTC (teacher training course) on Ko Pangan and found ‘Agama Yoga’.
Clearly the biggest school around, nice website and I remembered I heard the name before from some friends. Added to that, they also offered Tantra, so it seemed like a decent choice to follow my ttc there.

It took me about a week to draw the conclusion that I was not going to follow the other upcoming four weeks of the TTC. Nothing against Agama, despite the recent commotion, I still think they have some beautiful teachings, but their style just wasn’t my cup of tea. After having spend six years working in a company were I wanted to quit after three years but was too afraid to do so (money, status, carreer, the usual), it felt like the biggest yoga lesson ever to just quit my TTC and not to botter about the more then two thousand dollars I had spent to join.

In the meantime I just kept enjoying my yoga being in close presence of the worlds best, bravest and shiniest yoga teacher afke and every now and then enjoy a class from the crazy but amazing Gösta @ Svaha Yoga or the magical Friday afternoon class from Johan Noorloos @ De Nieuwe Yogaschool
Too busy doing tantra and other stuff you shouldn’t try at home, I didn’t really think about a ttc anymore until recently.
Looking for a way to spent my April month. As I decided life is better when I rent out my appartment in Amsterdam so that I can life free and go wherever I want to go. Afke texted me that there was a TTC for the whole month of april on Ko Pangan (I know, this place has some special vibes) but this time with Peter Clifford at the Sanctuary.

Smart as I became in a year, I knew not to just say yes, but check with myself what I wanted to learn there and how I resonated with Peter. And then I suddenly remembered how impressed I was by the few classes that I followed at the sanctuary one year before. I remember I wanted to take it home and tell my dad about it, my mom and so many others that I thought would benefit from this. As much as I did.

Peter has a very unique style, one that tricks my mind a bit as in ‘this is not cool, this is not normal, this is…’ and yet everytime and after every class I feel sooo comfortable in my body. It feels stretched, but not too much, it feels exercised, but not overdone. Basically I feel super aware of my body and totally strong and calm in the head.

We decided to just go for it and are joining Peter this whole month. And already I feel so grateful for being here and joining. Anahata yoga, yoga of the heart and it makes my heart sing ❤️🤸🏼‍♂️

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